Saturday, November 03, 2007

November Rocks

I read some good advice in the Avonex journal Biogen-Idec sent me today. First was to find things that make you laugh, whether a comic in the daily newspaper, a television show, or whatever. Second, and apropos to this blog, is to prioritize your tasks and let drop or delay those that you don't truly have time and energy to get done. Long absence from this space is my clue that writing has not made the cut lately. Even paying the bills is hard to get around to. You'd think that with nearly 10 months of direct experience in how caring for a baby takes all your time, I'd have internalized it and not be surprised by the way bedtime appears each day with ninja stealth and speed.

I've moved my shot night to Saturdays. It's a relief not to have Friday be such a rush—first work, then home to all the usual tasks (bedtime creeping up on silent feet), but! don't forget to take your Advil and take the Avonex out of the fridge and do your shot and get the guest room ready to sleep in at the same time! Saturday has a whole day, rather than the 3 hours between work and bed, to fit everything in.

I play a set of songs each week as I prepare for and administer my shot. Tonight, I replaced the first song in the set, and think I'll like the change. I had been starting with Regina Spektor's Fidelity, which is a great song but has a refrain that includes the phrase "it breaks my heart" just a little too often for "MS night". The new first song, Darlin' Do Not Fear by Brett Dennen, advises instead, "Darlin' do not fear what you don't really know," a more hopeful line to have stuck in your head all night. At least, that's my expectation; I'll find out tonight!

Walgreens managed to thwart my plans once again at the last refill. I called in two weeks early to make sure that I'd get my medicine on time, but the fellow who took my call (Daniel, I think? If I get him next time, I shall be extra-cautious) never actually submitted a work order, so I was in the uncomfortable position of not having a backup syringe in case anything went wrong. Par for the course, I suppose.

I am inspired daily by my amazing son. The last few weeks, he's not only gotten his first cold, but has also been cutting 6 teeth simultaneously. Everyone's sleep has suffered, but my little baby still smiles at us and plays happily, despite obviously being in a lot of pain and not being able to breathe well through his Very Stuffy nose. I strive to emulate his wonderful attitude.

While I've been tippety-typing here, the ninja Night has made his appearance again! Bye.