Saturday, January 26, 2008

Two in a row

If you're going to strain your back while lifting up your baby, I recommend doing it on shot day, since you'll be taking Advil all night anyway. Just a thought.

So I admit to being somewhat miffed. It's almost like there's a network of tiny sensors just beneath my skin which is designed to grab my attention sharply whenever something impinges on them. Whatever they really are, the damn things make it so that my shots hurt some days, today being one of them. 

I've been mildly clumsy the last few days, nothing major but just dropping things a little more than usual. I think I'm probably just a little out of whack (that's a technical term), and being sleep deprived is unlikely to be helping. But as always with such things, I get a little mental picture of a white spot on an MRI getting just a tiny bit bigger. 

My current scheme is to learn to feel my spine from the inside of my body, to know where it is and how it is oriented in the same way that I know where my arms and fingers are. Hare-brained or brilliant? You decide! My goals are improved posture, less back pain, and the plain fun of it. The thing is, I wonder whether in the short term I'm moving differently enough from this experiment to have led to this morning's strain when I picked up the baby. And this is probably totally why I've been clumsy too. My acupuncturist, upon hearing the plan, suggested a technique from medical qigong that entails feeling and moving each vertebra individually, up and down your back. That's going to take some doing, I imagine, but to start, I'm just thinking of the whole thing as a unit, like a third arm that's not very good at picking things up or ringing doorbells.

I had an appointment scheduled with the neurologist last week, but through sheer bone-headedness I forgot about it entirely until several hours after it should have been over. I haven't had time yet to get it rescheduled, so no interesting news on that front.

Not much to say tonight, I find, so I shall simply suggest: Good Night!

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mdmhvonpa said...

I've been having some fairly nasty back problems of late ... kids will do that to you. To anyone who starts a family late in life, we wished we had the wisdom we gained but at age 20. It would be SO much easier.