Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Names of Things

I really am trying to follow the Flickr community guidelines and link back to the photos pages for the pictures I post here, but each week I run into some snag or another and eventually give up. At least this week I'm stealing my own photo rather than some stranger's who deserves better.

I'm glad I decided to have my surgery on Monday rather than the doctor's more usual Thursday. Just today I started feeling enough better to tire myself out doing chores at home. If I'd had my shot even yesterday, I think the hangover would have been quite unpleasant.

I forgot to mention last time that the anesthesiologist for my surgery was the same guy who gave Audrie her epidural when the baby was born. He had done a good job then, so I had a good feeling going in. Then I got to put my head on this cool jelly donut thing before they knocked me out. I don't remember the early part of recovery, but the nurse said I started pointing at various objects and naming them solemnly. "Sliding door." "Light." Huh—I am my son's father for certain. That's what he does all day long.

An excellent shot tonight, painless and in the company of my beautiful wife and son. They're both slightly sick, though, so I'm still sleeping over at my mom's to avoid getting a cold lodged in this healing nose of mine. In a few months my schnoz will be a paragon of structural perfection, sustaining constant Mach 5 airflow that's more laminar than a warehouse full of Pergo. But for now, I am still not cleared to pick up the baby for fear, I suppose, that my nose will pop off like a Muppet's; and I'm pouring or squirting what feels like gallons of nice salty solution up there every day while it heals. Refreshing.

I am doing wonderfully and I hope that you are even better. Tune in next post for more exciting adventures of…The Man Who Writes This Blog!

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