Saturday, March 08, 2008


In the summer of 2006, I had just purchased some Burt's Bees Hand Salve, which I really like. It has a strong odor, but one I find pleasant, and it works well for me. I took it with me on my work trip to Denver in August, which I expected to be busy but pleasant overall. Instead, it was on this trip that my first MS symptoms hit, and I was holed up in my hotel all week, feeling terrible, constantly dizzy, venturing out only for the times when I absolutely had to work. The smell of the hand salve is now associated with that time, and though it may seem a little thing compared to everything else that comes with having MS, I regret that such a once-wonderful smell now always has echoes of that bad time. 

I recently formulated a brilliant plan to reinstate the hand salve in a place of olfactory honor: I would simply start using it again (the same tin is still nearly full), and eventually all the pleasant associations constantly arising from daily life would displace the bad. Tonight I almost put on the salve as part of this plan, but then realized that since it's shot night, I'll be feeling pretty bad for most of the night anyway; adding achy joints, a headache, feeling cold, and weakness to the association pool is…probably not the best way to redeem the salve. 

I had my annual physical last week. My doctor said, "keep on doing whatever you're doing"—positive indeed! But, does that mean that once the baby gets old enough that I'm sleeping regularly, and is able to entertain himself enough that I can start exercising again, that I will slide immediately into ill health?!? 

Seriously, I do hope that my regime—of regular acupuncture and osteopathic rectification; a nearly-vegan diet (inspired by The China Study as well as by conscience); eventually, a return to the study of Tai Chi; various spiritual hygiene such as wonderful friends and family—will prove a healthy one for the long term. I suspect that its only serious imbalance right now is a sad paucity of video games. Meanwhile, my cholesterol, which the Popular Media has assured me is the only number that is important for health, is slightly better than both my bowling and my golf score, at 145. Hmm…is Avonex supposed to be good for cholesterol?

Okay, I promise I had something interesting to say when I sat down to write tonight, but for the life of me, I can't recall it. So if you come across something really cool this week, just pretend that I wrote that instead, and my work will be done.

Oh, also, check out the Carnival of MS Bloggers, or maybe start at this post by its founder, Lisa Emrich: there are at least 136 other people blogging about MS this very instant! So you're bound to find something interesting on the subject. Or at least on what it touches, which is nothing less than life.