Tuesday, October 25, 2011


On the first of the month, our house was struck by lightning. Everyone is fine, although we did have a number of appliances and devices damaged. Our insurance is doing a great job of helping us with the repairs and replacements. None of that is what this entry is about.

My wife and I were both shocked, she at the sink and I at my computer. Our son was in the middle of a room and was unaffected. My own experience was that I saw a really bright flash, saw sparks out of the corner of my eye, heard a boom, and yelled as if I had been struck in anger. The the speaker started going lub-lub-lub and the computer started politely chiding me about not ejecting devices properly.

In the aftermath, I found two stories repeating themselves in my head. First was, “cool, I can put Struck By Lightning on my resumé now!” Second was, “wouldn’t it be great if the shock cured my MS?”

I continue to do well on Avonex. The side effects each week are 24-36 hours of feeling various shades of blah, manageable with Advil. I continue also to seek a low-stress lifestyle, eat many vegetarian or vegan meals each week, see an acupuncturist, exercise moderately, and see an osteopath regularly. Oh, and supplement with Vitamin D3. I have been in remission now for a little over 5 years. I am very lucky. But one of the first thoughts through my head in this circumstance was to wish to be rid of MS.

“Incurable” and “life-long” mean one thing in your first year of hearing them. Turns out they mean something different 5 years in. And, whether my luck persists or not, they will mean something different in another 5 years. Here’s to you, my friends, and to the journey.